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Apr 21
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Wedding Invitation Trends

Wedding season is in full swing this season, as evidenced by the plethora of fashion shows, blog posts, new design trends and the fresh pins flooding your news feed on Pinterest. I wanted to sum up these new trends in a user-friendly manner so as not to overwhelm you, but to inspire you to create your own take on these unique ideas for your wedding stationery.   So here we go!


Perhaps the biggest trend this season is the inclusion of illustration into the invitation suite. From hand drawn portraits of the bride and groom to an illustrated map of the day’s events, the possibilities are limitless as to how you can incorporate this particular trend into your suite.


Watercolors are definitely making a splash this season with their sublime colors and varying hues – they are the perfect addition to a fresh suite! From big bold swaths of color to tiny splatters of dots, watercolors can add a little or a lot of color depending on your preference.


Still very strong this season, the art of hand lettering adds a personal touch to your suite. Whether you choose your own handwriting or mimic that of a loved one’s (just an idea!), forgoing commercial fonts takes your suite to the next level of pure personalization!


Forget those tried-and-true, traditional fonts of old! This season is all about making statements with unique and bold fonts. Still on the fence? Try mixing it up! Take a more traditional font for the bulk of your suite and pair it with something unique for emphasis on your names.


While gold and rose gold ruled the runway last year, silver and copper will take center stage this season in metallic hues. No longer content as an accent, entire suites are foil stamped now, making for stunning results. You can see an excellent example here with Emily’s Gold Invitation Suite.


No list would be complete without a rundown of the predictions on color! The trends overall favor darker envelopes and subdued color palettes. But what about the top color combinations? Well, here you go:

  • Cream, Navy & Blush
  • Pink, Khaki & Grey
  • Sandalwood, Sage & Ivory
  • Burgundy & Gold
  • Ivory & Shades of Brown
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