uniquely you.

Katie contacted me in mid-October to design and produce her wedding programs and cocktail napkins for her early December wedding. Not much time for dilly-dallying! But I knew, with careful planning and concise design execution, we would make her deadline.

She wanted a traditional monogram but was open to the idea of adding an illustrated detail. I designed several types of accents and wreaths, and the above was the winning combination. Simple, yet complex; traditional, yet modern in feel; the completed monogram provided a brand, an identity if you will, for her event.

The program itself, on the inside, was a challenge due to the amount of information required in it. You can see where creative typography came into play to make it all work together cohesively.

And we made the deadline, I'm happy to say! Even through last minute changes and edits, production stayed on track and I delivered right on time. (whew)