uniquely you.

The Library Bar is an iconic bar located in the Warwick Melrose Hotel, Dallas. The Library has been named "the Top Place to Sip and Sup" by the Wall Street Journal, "Best Bar in the Greatest City on Earth" by Maxim magazine, The Library Bar is consistently chosen as one of Dallas' best piano bars.

In order to update and redesign its menu, a number of considerations had to be weighed and measured while keeping the bar's unique personality in mind. Constraints, such as space and number of pages, limited a free-flowing design aesthetic. The project proved challenging, but not impossible.

The end result: A polished and elegantly timeless menu that has universal appeal to the Library's customer base. Navigable and pleasant to look at, the menu also is quite easy to update as its pages are removable. When stock or prices change, updates can be made readily at little cost, thereby saving the owners both money and, often the most precious resource in business, time.

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