uniquely you.

When Christopher asked me to design something special for his personal stationery, I knew something ordinary just wouldn't do. The original idea was to incorporate the phrase "It's later than you think" in a tattoo-style format, but he came up with a better idea (and a challenge for me.)

He asked me to replicate his late mother's handwriting style based on two samples he provided, a challenge to be sure! But after I completed that challenge successfully, I wanted to set it off in a big way. So I started designing a few options for him of varying styles and what he chose was this one – what I fondly called the "go big or go home" option.

The design came together beautifully. And to top it off, I designed matching envelope liners to complete the look. What I wish you could feel is the paper – it's the most delicious-feeling, toothy Crane's Lettra (and the envelope feels just as awesome!)

In a thank you note from this awesome client, it read:

Oh what a beautiful job you have done, thank you. You've managed to forge a connection between my past, present, and future all through simple paper. Only you know just how complicated this "simple" really was.

A quick note on the printing: The ladies at Big Box Little Box do an amazing job working with me to ensure my jobs go smoothly, are cost-effective for my clients and are of the highest quality. I don't know what I would do without them! To learn more about Big Box Little Box, click here.